Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jakarta Toys Invasion 2012

Wussup collectors!

Went to the Jakarta Toys Invasion 2012 on Saturday 16 june '12. This event was organized by @toyzaholic and @KAFI_jkt, ran from 16-17 june and included resellers and hobby communities from all around.

Among the communities participating in this event was @order_66_sith, the starwars indonesia troopers homebase.

The strength of this event was obviously in the "Die Cast Estate" area, with Indomaret as Hot Wheels importer taking up most if not all of the space.

Indomaret side didn't display their items during loading time, but opened fresh Hot Wheels cartons on the spot just minutes before the event starts.. So you can imagine the frenzy this have caused. Resellers were digging in boxes for Treasure Hunts!!

I got lucky myself, and found a new type of '12 Treasure Hunt car called the Surf Crate.

Among other cartons opened were cartons containing the new '12 Hot Wheels DC Direct wave of cars. I did manage to snatch a personal favorite: the Batman.

Moving away from the Indomaret island, i came across Shenlonk Toys' booth and discovered a Hot Wheels Nostalgia Series Hanna Barbera "Scooby Doo" '77 Custom GMC Panel Van. I had to have this.

So there you have it, that was my loot from Jakarta Toys Invasion 2012. My input for this event is not a lot, probably provide EDC machines to make payments easier for people who do not carry a lot of cash? Other than that, it was a great event. Keep up the great work @toyzaholic & @KAFI_jkt !!

That's it from me, i leave you with one last look at my loot =)

Thanks for reading and keep on collecting.

Donny a.k.a Master DJ Yoda

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Slowly Collecting Hot Wheels - what I have so far

Wuddup collectors!

I've been collecting diecast cars lately. With so many brands, scales, and variations available on the market today, a diecast collector have to focus in order not to get off-track with his/her collection.

In my case, I choose to collect 1/64 scale Hot Wheels diecast cars. I began collecting about 4 months ago.. I know it's only been a short time, but it's sooo easy to build quite a large collection in only a while. Therefore, I have to focus more on collecting only the things I like.

I collect 2011 & 2012 lineup of cars. I have some older ones (2010 and 2009) but not a lot. I have a couple of 2012 Treasure Hunt cars, some cars from movies, some Nostalgia Collection, and some Premieres & New Models from 2010 - 2012.

It is very hard to resist not opening them, but I've managed to keep some in MOC ("Mint on Carton") condition. The rest weren't so lucky. But I do try to keep each in mint, opened condition by storing and displaying them in displays.

So enough yapping and let's enjoy some pics, shall we? =)

Display case

In my mind, focusing on my collection included how many cars I want to collect. So I came up with an acrylic display case that can fit in 49 pieces of opened 1/64-scale cars. Why the exact number? So that I can decide/control whether to stop or continue once I reach that number =)

In case you're wondering why each slot is so square, the maker kinda make a mistake.. but it turned out great. Now I display my cars slightly sideways so that I can see both front and side views of the cars, as you can see on the top picture.

My First 4 cars

Below's my first four cars. Randomly picked, simply because the looked great =) As I progress, I learned that Hot Wheels have Series within their basic car lineups. For instance, the top car at the pic below is a HW Racing '11 69 Pontiac Firebird, below it is a HW Performance 11 Buick Grand National, and so on.

Movie Cars

Turns out Hot Wheels have a few cars from popular movies. I was fortunate enough to have some of them, but my goal is to get the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 car. That's pretty neat.


Treasure Hunts

All right, we're getting into the rare ones one =) Considered rare in the Hot Wheels basic cars line up is the Treasure Hunt series of cars. According to http://hotwheels.wikia.com/wiki/Treasure_Hunts , Treasure Hunt (sometimes T-Hunt) is a line of Hot Wheels cars which were introduced by Mattel in 1995. It consists of 12 cars every year; one released per month. It is either 12 or 15 t hunts. The original production run started at 10,000 pieces worldwide, and has since grown due to the demand and increasing popularity of Hot Wheels collecting. As of 2007, 157 Treasure Hunts have been released.

I was fortunate enough to get a couple of these bad boys at reasonable price. Below's what I got so far..

2011 Factory Sealed

Not quite sure how you qualify or become elligible to receive Factory Sealed cars, but I hear one has to become a dealer to get them. Or something like that. All I know is that they have a "seal" or a sticker as a marker, and they cost a bit more than the normal basic series packs. I managed to get a couple of them while out hunting in local toy fairs..

Maybe this video can explain it better =) I didn't make this video, by the way.. www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxuNQ4SDtxE

2011 Hot Wheels Nostalgia Wave 1, Masters Of The Universe

Growing up, I was a huge fan of He-Man and the Masters of The Universe (MOTU). Everything in that cartoon series were either bad-ass or kick-ass. Hot Wheels did a great, great job on capturing these ass-kicking essence on this special wave of cars. Awesome.. just awesome.

I managed to get a couple of what I thought were the coolest of the bunch, the Dairy Delivery and the Dodge Van. Dairy Delivery cars are basically iconic in the Hot Wheels universe, and the fact that one of the car in this wave is a Dairy Delivery only makes this wave a future classic.

Check out these videos-that-I-didn't-make below to get a more close up look.


I've also managed to get my hands on a Hot Wheels Car Case. It's made of tin material, quite cool.. can fit up to 18 cars, and best of all there's a '10 HW Premiere "Bread Box" car inside in factory-mint condition. Hah! Whatta great catch.

Well that's it basically, I have some more that you can see here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150728906221411.462904.562981410&type=3

Overall I think diecast cars are great collectibles and investment. Just gotta keep a more focused collection, coz this is kinda different than collecting Star Wars or action figures. If you're or I are not careful, there's gonna be a lot of little cars lying around all over the house, and that's something we'd all like to avoid =)

Thanks and keep collecting, everyone.

Master Deejay Yoda

Catching Up on Star Wars, what I got between February - May 2012

Wuddup Collectors,

Dayumn! Been a long time.. haven't been able to write anything for the past few months. Work, work, work. I mean.. gotta work to be able to keep getting cool stuff to collect right? =D

So let's just make use of this valuable writing and posting to time to just catch up on what  I got between February - May 2012. Not a lot of Star Wars items, because i have been collecting a lot of Hot Wheels 1/64 cars lately. But that's for another time, i'll post my Hot Wheels collection soon.

So without further ado, here are some Star Wars items that I've recently acquired in the past few months. Enjoy =)

Click on the title/link above to see a video somebody else made in YouTube. Maybe it can give you a better look on what this is.  

Storm Trooper-themed clothing from Adidas Star Wars 

Character Encyclopedias

Vintage Collection Empire Strikes Back Han Solo (Echo Base Outfit) figure

POTF 3D Jabba's Palace and POTF Jabba's Dancers

Star Wars The Clone Wars Count Dooku

Well that's it from me this time. Will post more often from now on, promise =) Until then, keep on collecting.

Master DJ Yoda

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Collecting Star Wars - what I have so far

Wuddup collectors!!

Just wanna share with you what i have so far regarding Star Wars.. i think 90% of what i have is already included. Small collection, i know.. and some pictures are repetitions =) Some people have a lot more, not to mention a lot more awesome than what you and i have, but remember: we all start small.

Anyways, enjoy my collection and thanks for reading =)

That's it from me this time. Keep collecting 'till you say "ENOUGH!!" ..which is like, never =)

Donny a.k.a Master Deejay Yoda